What we do

Supported Living

Supported Living assists people who have an intellectual and/or other disability to live in a home of their choosing in southern Adelaide. 

Coordinators assist people and their families to plan for the future and work toward the life that they choose. We recruit support workers who are individually matched with the person whom they support, based on the person’s interests, skills and individual preferences.

The CLP does not provide housing for people. Our role is helping people to access the same housing opportunities available to all other community members.


Self Directed support and Shared Management

Self-directed support is an arrangement where a person with a personal budget (or their family) takes primary control of their support arrangements; makes the majority of decisions about what supports they require and who they engage to provide that support. We work with the person and their family to be clear about how funded supports will assist them to have a better life.

CLP also offers shared management of support where you, or a family member, take on a role at a level you feel comfortable with. This enables families to direct their own supports in ways that are suitable to their personal situation. You have the final say about when, how, where and by whom your supports are provided. As the ‘host’ agency, CLP negotiates a fee, a percentage of the hourly rate, to cover costs incurred based on what activities CLP is required to undertake. Each family's needs are different.


Circles Initiative

The Circles Initiative is involved with building and strengthening the networks of friends and families of people who have disability and who live in South Australia.  Most people supported currently live in the Adelaide suburban and surrounding areas, some reside in institutions, community group homes, in their own homes in community, and people living at home with their family.

The “Circles@School” project aims to provide students with a disability in mainstream school and their parents a network of support and belonging which will assist in strengthening their chances of a successful, inclusive education and participation in their school and local community.


Micro Enterprise Project

The Micro Enterprise Project (“MEP”) facilitates opportunities for people who live with disability to be gainfully employed and pursue their individual careers and working life by inspiring and assisting them to establish their own Micro/Small Business Enterprise as an alternative to day programs and sheltered workshops. People are assisted to identify their business ideas that match with their interests, gifts and talents and find the information and resources necessary for them to proceed.