Who we are

25th Birthday   The Community Living Project (CLP) was incorporated in 1985 through the leadership shown by a small group of families in the southern region of Adelaide who gathered under the banner of Parents of Disabled (South). These families started the CLP because they didn’t want their adult sons and daughters to spend their lives locked away in an institution.  They dreamt of being able to feel secure in old age, knowing that in addition to having a secure place to live, their sons and daughters had the vital and caring day-to-day support that each family knew would probably always be needed to enable them to live safely as members of their local community.

The CLP now supports people who have an intellectual and/or other disability to live in a home of their choosing in southern Adelaide, and to have meaningful roles and relationships within their family and community networks.  The Circles Initiative is also involved with building and strengthening the networks of friends and families of people who have disability and who live in the Adelaide suburban and surrounding areas.The MicroEnterprise Project offers micro enterprise business startup services to adults with disabilities as an alternative to day programs and sheltered workshops.

The CLP is registered as an income tax exempt charity and a deductible gift recipient with the Australian Tax Office.  The CLP Board has a primary responsibility to all of the people supported by the CLP and through all its decisions, attempts to ensure that their interests are maintained as paramount. 

The structure of the CLP’s Board is such that Board members have diverse backgrounds and expertise.  This includes a wealth of knowledge gained as members of the wider community, business leaders, parents of a son/daughter who has a disability, and as a person who has a disability.  Board Members volunteer their time and experience to help guide the CLP’s development. 

Membership of the CLP Association is open to anyone who supports the CLP’s Aims and Objectives and who has paid the prescribed membership fee.  New members are always welcome and this is a great way in which people can support and endorse the vital work of the CLP.

The great majority of funds to support the CLP’s paid workforce come via grants from the Federal and State Governments although the CLP also welcomes and invites contributions from any individuals and/or businesses wanting to support our vital and essential work. Please see our Support page.