What we believe

What we believe  

The CLP offers a highly individualised service that works in partnership with individuals and families so that they can live the life they choose. Supports are designed with each person to be responsive, flexible and to maximise community inclusion and build natural networks.

Our first goal is to develop a relationship with each person and their family that engenders trust and facilitates our capacity to work in ethical partnering arrangements with individuals to understand what makes a good life from their perspective, their goals and dreams, and their plans (and  fears)  for the future. From a shared vision of the future, we support people to identify longer term goals and strategies that focus on the person’s wellbeing, relationships and community connections.


The CLP Believe That A "Home" is much more than simply the bricks and mortar that make a house.  When we talk of “home” we are thinking of the unique environment which most people typically seek to create - a place that is our own and which gives us a sense of security, pride, privacy, retreat and sanctuary, and an accepted place in the community.

In Terms Of “Relationships” the CLP believes people who have a disability will often need assistance with the complexities of developing and nurturing relationships. Many people who have a disability have had many relationships with others paid to care for them.  Freely-given relationships will often have been largely restricted to members of their family or to other people who have a disability.  TheCLP believes support to people must recognise and help people sustain existing relationships, while also taking every opportunity to build new relationships with other members of the local community.

The CLP Also Acknowledges That "Highly Valued Roles" are rarely seen as important for a person who has a disability.  The CLP strongly believes that with some thoughtfulness about a person’s gifts and talents, some careful planning, and with a creative and determined effort, we can potentially nurture opportunities for any person to move into roles that are afforded a higher status, and subsequently the person concerned would come to be seen as more highly valued in their community.

Everyone Needs "Competencies" By developing skills and competence, our self-esteem grows and we feel more self-reliant and independent.  The CLP believes everybody has the capacity to learn new things, and that positive expectations, a confident attitude, access to great role models, creativity in teaching and having realistic goals, all contribute to and enhance the chances of every person’s continuing growth and development.

Moreover The CLP Recognises "Community Participation and Inclusion” is much more than simply living in the community. This doesn’t ensure that you will be included in it, or that you will automatically have a participatory life.  The CLP understands that people who have a disability can live very isolated and segregated lives.  Many of the 'special services' that have historically been put in place to assist people with a disability often have the impact of promoting their isolation and exclusion by congregating people in groups with other people who have disabilities and segregating people away from community members.  A true indication of someone’s real inclusion is when they are welcomed as being a highly valued member of their local community.