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The Community Living Project (CLP) is a not for profit organisation that relies on government and the generosity of our supporters to assist us to build good lives for people living with disability.

For every dollar we receive, we can offer people with disability access to a greater range of opportunities.

If you would like to know more about CLP or find out how you can support us, please contact our Executive Officer on 08 8384 7866.

Donations are Tax Deductible; receipts will be issued for gifts over $2.00.



Bequests—a great gift that is a lasting memorial of your care for others
After you have taken care of your loved ones, you may wish to leave a gift to others in need.  Such a gift is called a bequest.

Including a bequest in your Will for the Community Living Project is a special way to ensure quality support for people with disabilities continues and improves the lives of others well into the future.


How can you help?
Any gift, large or small, will help CLP to continue to support people with disabilities to become more included in their community.

You can specify how you would like your bequest to be used, for example the running of a specific event such as a retreat for families, or helping someone with disability to go on a holiday. Adonation of $3,000 would enable Circles to be involved with supporting one individual for a full year.

We also invite business and corporate sponsorship.


Planned Giving & Wills
Many people spend a lifetime building their assets and yet forget to take the time to ensure their estates will be distributed according to their wishes.

If you wish to make a bequest to CLP, this must be stipulated in your Will.  In establishing a Will, you nominate a trustee who will settle your estate exactly as decided by you.  It is a significant way to recognise the people and causes that are close to your heart.


Further Information
If you would like to discuss your bequest ideas, or receive further information, please contact our Executive Officer on 08 8384 7866.