Self directed support and Shared management

Self-directed support is an arrangement where a person with a personal budget (or their family) wants to have primary control of their support arrangements, make the majority of decisions about what supports they require and who they engage to provide that support. We work with the person and their family to be clear about how funded supports will assist them to have a better life.

Shared Management is where a person and/or their family work with CLP, sharing the management of their support arrangements. It provides a mechanism for people to direct, control, manage and monitor their support, in a way that makes sense to the person, their family and their community. It is an approach that works to increase people’s control and support them to achieve their outcomes, enabling people to live their lives in a way that they choose, with the right support. Shared Management is not about people ‘having to’ manage all aspects of their funding and supports. It’s about people being able to take on the level of responsibility and control that they want for each aspect of their support.

Shared Management opens up new possibilities to people, families and communities. People have developed and retained excellent support systems around themselves, and have also developed their own confidence and self belief in their abilities to manage their own support.

As the ‘host’ agency, CLP negotiates a fee, based on a percentage of the hourly rate, to cover costs incurred based on what activities CLP is required to undertake. Each family's needs are different.

Where the individual and/or family elects to take on responsibility for management of aspects of their funding and/or supports, negotiation occurs between the individual and/or family and CLP to enable each party’s requirements, expectations and responsibilities to be clearly set out and documented.