Career Creation Micro Enterprise Project (“MEP”)

MEP facilitates opportunities for people who live with disability to be gainfully employed and pursue their individual careers and working life by inspiring and assisting them to establish their own Micro/Small Business Enterprise. It has been funded as a trial project in the Adelaide metropolitan area by Julia Farr McLeod Benevolent Fund and the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion.

MEP offers micro enterprise business startup services to adults with disabilities as an alternative to day programs and sheltered workshops. MEP invests in a person’s network to broaden the base of support needed to launch a micro business. We draw on expertise in personal enterprise planning to uncover the skills, passions and assets of the aspiring business owner.     

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People are assisted to identify and define their business ideas and find the information and resources necessary for them to proceed.  Each person and their family and friends are involved in developing the enterprise idea that matches with the person’s interests, gifts and talents as well as the resources available to them. 

We believe increased business activity has a positive effect on local community life, and that self employment offers people:

· Choice and control

· Independence and creative freedom

· Natural skills / talents

· Inclusion and connections

· Expanded work opportunities

· Some hope of additional income



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