The Community Living Project (CLP)'s Mission is to provide a quality service in the southern region which enables people who have intellectual and/or multiple disabilities to achieve a purposeful and valued community life through assisting people to have: home; relationships; valued roles; competencies; community participation and inclusion.

The CLP’s philosophy and approach places the person with disability, together with their family and support network, clearly at the centre of all planning and decision making processes and works with each individual person and their family to provide support that reflects their individual needs, aspirations and dreams for the future.

We work in a model of partnership where each person and their family are encouraged and supported to take active control over the decisions that affect their future.

The CLP has a strong reputation for providing highly personalised support and has repeatedly demonstrated over 30 years that with thoughtful, well-constructed support, it is possible to enable any person, no matter what their level of disability, to live fulfilling, contributing and meaningful lives in a home of their own as participating members of their local community.